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Congregation Sons of Abraham

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1820 Main Street, La Crosse, WI 54601
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Dec. 6th: Post-Chanukah Dinner & Games!

On Friday evening, December 6, the Jewish Women’s League (JWL) invites you to a post-Chanukah Shabbat dinner and games night.

Please RSVP below no later than Wednesday, December 4.

Kabbalat Shabbat Service 6pm

Adults:                          $9
Children under 12:     $5
College Students        Free

Note: If you have special dietary considerations, please include them with your reservation.

We look forward enjoying an evening of fellowship and fun with you at CSOA.

27 thoughts on “Dec. 6th: Post-Chanukah Dinner & Games!”

  1. Ann Brice says:

    Hi, Bill and I will be there. Stacy, I have that whole day open to help with anything you need.

  2. Maureen and Bob says:

    Yes, for two. Thanks.

  3. monica Lazere says:

    I will be there

  4. Jason Goldstein says:

    Jason, Clara, Isaac, and Julian Goldstein will attend.

  5. Stacy Shapiro says:

    Dan, Hunter, Sawyer, and I will be there!

  6. Keren and simcha says:

    Prombaums will be there 2

  7. Ann Brice says:

    Marty Smith will be there!

  8. Short Family says:

    Jennifer, Daniel, Ben and Eliana

  9. Michelle says:

    Hockersmiths for three!!!

  10. Stacy Shapiro says:

    One more for us — Dan’s Mother will join us!

  11. Three Bernsteins will be there for dinner.

  12. Adrienne and Larry says:

    We will be there!

  13. Barb and Steve Nagel will be there! says:

    Steve and Barb Nagel will be there!

  14. Scott Butler says:

    Rachel, Madeline and I will be there. Both Rachel and I are vegetarian.

  15. Steven and Kathryn Engber says:

    Steve and I look forward to attending. Thank you!

  16. jon cowan says:

    for one dinner

  17. Teva Dekel says:

    Two for Ido & I!!!!

  18. Roger and Carol Ziff says:

    Roger and I will be there. If chicken will be the entre, can Roger have a hot dog?

  19. Cheryl Neubauer says:

    There will be 2 of us for dinner

  20. Roberta Gelatt says:

    Dan and I will be there

  21. karen cowan says:

    one dinner

  22. Ed and Corine says:

    Ed, Sarah, David, Steph, Teagan (1 child), and I will be there. 5 and 1 child. Thank you, Corine

  23. Jo Ellen Hartman says:

    2 Hartmans will attend. Thank you!

  24. Richard Strauss says:

    Two of us will be there. Thanks.

  25. Aimee Siegler says:

    I will be there with Matthew.

  26. Ken and Jill Bernstein says:

    Sorry… a change in plans. There’ll only be two of us showing up. Millie sends her regards.

  27. Lori Arndt says:

    4 Arndts. Thank You

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