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Shavuot luncheon: Sunday, June 12


On Sunday, June 12, the first day of Shavuot, the Jewish Women’s League (JWL) invites you to celebrate the giving of the Torah with services at 10:00 a.m. followed by a lox and bagel brunch.

Please RSVP by signing up below no later than Thursday, June 9, 2016

Adults:                        $9

Children under 12:     $5

College Students       Free

Note: If you have special dietary considerations, please include them with your reservation. Email any food questions to Keren (

We look forward to greeting you on the first day of Shavuot.

10 thoughts on “Shavuot luncheon: Sunday, June 12”

  1. Martin Smith says:

    Karol and Marty will be there.

  2. Maureen and Bob would like to participate. says:

    Two reservations please.

  3. Arieyeh and Barbara Austin says:

    Arieyeh, Barbara, Sophia and Naomi, and Bonnie (Mother from Boca Raton) can be there by the end of services and lunch, but due to family obligations that morning may miss most of services (family to airport, etc)
    Please count us in for 3 adults and two children.

  4. Scott and Heidi Blanke and a surprise guest says:

    Any chance for some corn-free, gluten-free bread?

  5. Michael and Jessica Schonberger says:

    We will both be there!

  6. Aimee Siegler says:

    Sorry – we are out of town this weekend.

  7. Steve Engber says:

    Kath and I will be there.

  8. Irv Balto says:

    Karen and I will celebrate with the community.

  9. Adam Reich says:

    The four of us will be there. Any chance of supplying a gluten-free bagel/bread option for Eli?

  10. Sandy says:

    Sandy and Brucie will attend

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