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Congregation Sons of Abraham

The heart of Jewish life in the La Crosse area for over 100 years

1820 Main Street, La Crosse, WI 54601
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Bimah Flower Contributions 2016…

Each year we purchase flowers to beautify the sanctuary during the High Holidays.  The cost is low as we divide it among our large number of supporters.  Please sign below to let Roberta Gelatt know that you wish to be part of this annual tradition.

8 thoughts on “Bimah Flower Contributions 2016…”

  1. E Neuman says:

    Happy holidays to all.

  2. Ann Brice and Bill Haviland says:

    We’d like to contribute.

  3. Martin Smith says:

    We would like to contribute for the flowers for the sanctuary for the High Holidays.
    Marty and Karol

  4. Maureen and Bob would like to participate. says:

    Looking forward to seeing the flower selections this year — always lovely. We’re in.

  5. The Vandervennet Family says:

    Count us in! We will be there in spirit with everyone.

  6. Stacy Shapiro says:

    Dan, Hunter, Sawyer, and I would like to contribute!

  7. Ben Wedro says:

    Kelly and I would like to contribute

  8. Keren Prombaum and Simcha says:

    Keren and Simcha will happily contribute. Thanks for doing this

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