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Congregation Sons of Abraham

The heart of Jewish life in the La Crosse area for over 100 years

1820 Main Street, La Crosse, WI 54601
(608) 784-2708 |

Mixing In Too Much Jewish: American Klezmorim in NYC from 1950-1970

Musicologist Clara Byom surveys the history of late 20th century Klezmer music in America and performs examples on her clarinet.

Clara Byom is a multi-instrumentalist, musicologist, and educator based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  ​Clara performs many genres of music including klezmer, contra dance, Scottish, and contemporary classical music on clarinet, bass clarinet, piano, and accordion.  She is a founding member of Di Kavene Kapelye, Salsola Consort, drip project, Edith Boulevard, and co-founder/co-director of New Mexico Contemporary Ensemble.  She also performs frequently with The Rebbe’s Orkestra. ​ Additionally, she serves on the board for the New Mexico Folk Music and Dance Society.  A recent graduate of the University of New Mexico (Master of Music in Clarinet Performance and Musicology), Clara has researched mid-century American klezmer music for master’s thesis entitled “Mixing in Too Much Jewish: American Klezmorim in New York City from 1950-1970.”  She was the guest lecturer at KlezmerQuerque 2017 and has presented at conferences for the Society for Ethnomusicology (Spring 2017) and Yiddish Summer Weimar (Summer 2016).  Since the Summer of 2014, she has done archival work for the Center for Traditional Music and Dance in New York City, primarily digitizing and cataloging the field recordings of a leading figure in the klezmer revitalization and 2015 National Heritage Fellow, Michael Alpert.  In 2012, Clara received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Luther College in Decorah, IA.

Please RSVP below and  include the number of  attendees

When:                  Sunday, October 22

Where:                Congregation Sons of Abraham

Time:                  10 a.m. to Noon

Cost:                   $9.00

RSVP:                 by  Thursday, October 19

Please note any dietary restrictions or concerns on your reservation.

21 thoughts on “Mixing In Too Much Jewish: American Klezmorim in NYC from 1950-1970”

  1. michelle hockersmith says:

    I’ll be there! Possible guest as well.

  2. Zach Strassburger says:

    Kate and I will be there with the kids until Maya leaves for Sunday school at 11AM. The kids will love the music and we will do our best to keep them quiet for the talking parts.

  3. Kristy Ann says:

    Team Stokke Reich will be there. (4)

  4. Jason Goldstein says:

    The Goldstein family (Clara and Jason–yes; Isaac and/or Julian should be noted as “possible” attendees–for now, mark them as “yes” and I will try to update as the event approaches).

  5. Susan T Hessel says:

    I plan to be there.

  6. Alyssa Henning says:

    I will be there!

  7. Linda Levinson says:

    Hello All,

    I wish I could there but I will be out of town. Sorry to miss last Sunday’s event as well.


  8. Carol Ziff says:

    Roger and I will attend.

  9. Keren and Simcha says:

    Prombaums will be there

  10. Karen Sherman says:

    Irv and I are looking forward to the musical morning Sunday.

  11. Sara and Mike Levenstein says:

    Mike and Sara plan to attend

  12. Fran Lee-Edwards and John Edwards says:

    We plan to attend. 2 tickets please for Mixing In Too Much Jewish: American Klezmorim in NYC from 1950-1970 with Clara Byom. Dietary restrictions? Prefer fresh fruits and vegetables… watching gluten and sugar… yet this is by no means an expectation in this setting. We are very excited to be attending. Clara is my second cousin and I am aware of her talents and character. We are looking forward to being at the Sons of Abraham for the first time and are members of Roncalli Newman Center.

  13. Heidi Blanke says:

    Yes. Heidi Blanke will be all ears.

  14. Pam Strauss says:

    I’ll be there!

  15. Jessica & Michael Schonberger says:

    We will be there!

  16. Joshua Koenigs says:

    RSVP for two

  17. michelle hockersmith says:

    One more at my table! No food restrictions.

  18. Martin Smith says:

    Marty and Karol will be there.

  19. Jennifer Short says:

    Daniel & Jennifer will be there

  20. Busya Lugovier says:

    The Lugovier Family /4 people/ will be there.

  21. Alyssa Henning says:

    I’m so disappointed I won’t be able to make it after all. Enjoy, everyone!

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