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Congregation Sons of Abraham

The heart of Jewish life in the La Crosse area for over 100 years

1820 Main Street, La Crosse, WI 54601
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Recognition Brunch for Simcha & Keren

The Jewish Community League (formerly the Jewish Women’s League) is pleased to announce the Recognition Brunch on Sunday, September 8 for our Rabbi Emeritus and his Rebbetzin! Bagels and lox will be served, along with coffee and other treats. Please bring your stories and share the joy with Simcha and Keren and our whole community. There will be a security guard for the event. The brunch is from 10 a.m. to noon; the cost will be $12.00 for adults and $6.00 for children. Your check should be payable to the Jewish Women’s League (even though that organization’s name has officially been changed to the Jewish Community League). The greater La Crosse community will be invited to honor Simcha and Keren from noon to 2 p.m. Refreshments will be served.

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22 thoughts on “Recognition Brunch for Simcha & Keren”

  1. Jill & Ken says:

    You better believe that Jill & Ken will be there!

  2. Karen Sherman says:

    Karen & Irv will also be in attendance.

  3. Kurt Nelson says:

    Kurt Nelson would like to come.


    Levinson-Party of One

  5. Sandy and Bruce says:

    2 for us.

  6. Carol and Roger Ziff says:

    Roger and Carol Ziff will attend.

  7. Jo Ellen Hartman says:

    David and Jo Ellen Hartman will happily attend. Mazel Tov to Simcha and Keren!

  8. Steve Engber says:

    Steve and Kathryn will be there.

  9. Annie Goldman says:

    Annie Goldman will attend

  10. Brian Serle says:

    Two will attend. Brian Serle

  11. Stacy Shapiro says:

    We soooo wish we could be there to celebrate with all of you.
    We will be there in spirit!
    Sending love…
    Stacy, Dan, Hunter and Sawyer

  12. Monica Lazere says:

    I will be there, of course

  13. Rabbi Edward Boraz and Maggie Duford says:

    Such a warm and welcoming community. Rabbi Simcha and Keren made us feel so welcomed and it is easy to see why Rabbi Prombaum and Keren led this congregation so beautifully for thirty-seven years; an extraordinary achievement. Maggie and I feel so fortunate to be part of the La Crosse Jewish community and to be such beneficiaries of Rabbi Simcha’s and Keren’s leadership.

  14. Barbara L. Nagel says:

    Barb and Steve Nagel will be there to help celebrate!

  15. Michael and Jessica Schonberger says:

    Two adults and an infant will attend!

  16. Ben Wedro says:

    We’ll be there

  17. sheryl miller says:

    Sheryl miller will attend

  18. Jennifer Short says:

    4 of the Short Family members will attend

  19. Rachel Bey says:

    Rachel and Mike Bey will happily attend.

  20. Lori says:

    Arndt’s/Peacock will be there-

  21. Heidi Eglash says:

    Eglash for 2, please! I’d love to join the celebration at brunchtime on behalf of the Eglash Miscpocha. Hope you won’t mind that I’ll be coming from yoga class, so I will be in my finest workout clothes for the occasion. I’ll have a dear friend and fellow yogi, Cindy Garness Roberts, in tow, as well.

  22. Harvey Weinberg says:

    Will be there

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