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From our Spiritual Leader…

ַב״ה March 25, 2020

A Special Passover Message from Brian Serle

Beloved Members and Friends of Congregation Sons of Abraham…

As the holiday of Pesach approaches, we find ourselves strangers in a strange landscape, knowing that this year’s Seder nights will be different than all other nights on a whole new level. The day to day experience of this time is hard enough, but when we contemplate spending a holiday alone or without our closest family members and friends – it is heartbreaking. This will be a Pesach we will all remember – hopefully not only for the bitterness of anxiety and loneliness, but also for the sweetness of what binds our community together. We are learning how to be present for each other, despite our physical separation and this Pesach we will continue to do so.

While we are accustomed to honoring Pesach to the fullest degree, including purchasing a variety of kosher for Pesach foods and preparing beautiful menus, this year’s public health crisis mandates that we significantly limit our Pesach preparations. Our responsibility is to refrain from any non-essential outside interactions, including in-store shopping. As much as possible utilize home delivery or parking lot pick-up of pre-orders. This year, just get what you need without going all out. We will truly honor Pesach by limiting our purchases to the truly essential, ensuring that all of us – especially the vulnerable – are able to celebrate Pesach in good health.

If you have difficulty in obtaining the basic food and ceremonial items to have your Seder at home, please take advantage of our Zoom Seder 2020, which will be online on the first night of Passover, Wednesday, April 8 at 6:00 PM.  Here is the link to our meaningful and fun online Seder celebration:

In our community, we have prided ourselves on welcoming each other into our homes for Seders, so on the second night, we will match people with those willing to host a virtual Seder via Zoom. If you would like to host from your own home, we will help pair up people who have technology skills with people who have the seder-leading skills, so that you can co-host the seder with each person taking responsibility for the aspect they know best. We will also have a session for seder leaders prior to Pesach.

We are working on a number of things to support you in your observance of Pesach; please watch your email and this website in the coming days for all of that information!

I know it is going to be a struggle this year to truly recline and experience a sense of freedom as we sip each cup of wine – but let us do all we can to help each other have a special Pesach this year. The seder is, if nothing else, an exercise in using our imaginations to create a reality – and perhaps this year it’s not such a huge leap, that on the night of the seders we should have the experience of k’ilu hu yatza mimitzrayim (as though each of us ourselves left Egypt).

Praying for the health of each and every one of you and wishing you a chag kasher v’sameach,

(a special thank you to Rabbi Tamar Magill-Grimm of Beth Jacob, Mendota Heights, MN)

Brian Serle
Spiritual Leader