Today is November 29, 2020; the

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High Holiday Donations

Donations to CSOA funds are welcome any time of the year, but it’s been a tradition for some members to make contributions during the high holidays, and at this time of year with the holidays approaching, there are many ways to contribute to CSOA:

  1. You can send a check or use Bill Pay to make a donation to the fund of your choice;
  2. There will be donations forms in the pews during high holiday services;
  3. A contribution can be made when members are called to the bimah for aliyot during high holiday services. This donation is done in the side room after each Torah portion has been read. If you’re honored by being called for an aliyah, that doesn’t mean that you must make a contribution at that time; it’s simply another opportunity to make a private contribution to CSOA, and should you choose to donate at that time, that’s wonderful, but should you choose not to make a donation at that time, that’s up to you as well.

There are several CSOA funds which traditionally have been available for donations at high holiday time: General synagogue fund, Rabbi’s fund, Baal Shacharit, and Yizkor. Other funds for donation are: endowment, building, Rabbi’s retirement, and cemetery. Whichever fund you choose, and whatever time you pick to donate, though, those are your decisions, and your contributions will always be welcome no matter the time of year or choice of fund. Thanks so much for supporting Congregation Sons of Abraham with your donations.