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Monday: CSOA Dinner for Hazon Bikers

On Monday evening, July 22nd, CSOA is hosting a buffet dinner for the Hazon Crosse Country Environmental Bike Ride Participants.

Time:      6 pm – 8 pm (with short program at 7:30 pm)

Adults:    $9

Children under 12:      $5

If you have special dietary considerations, please contact Michelle Hockersmith at 507-493-5562 or Thank you.

Please note:  A solicitation of funds to support the work of Hazon will not be made by CSOA. Individuals are welcome to do so on their own.

Note also:  For more information about the Hazon Cross-USA Ride, click here.

6 thoughts on “Monday: CSOA Dinner for Hazon Bikers”

  1. Jon Cowan says:

    One for Jon

  2. Michelle J Hockersmith says:

    Two adults, one child.

  3. Aimee Siegler says:

    I will definitely have one adult and one child, second adult is a maybe.

  4. jon cowan says:

    two more for cowan(for total of three)

  5. Shorts says:

    One Child, One Adult.

  6. Tarm says:

    three adults

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