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Cantor Kanarek visit: Services & Luncheon Feb. 28

Cantor Barry Kanarek and his wife, Amy, will join us for Saturday morning Shabbat services and lunch on February 28th (services at 9:30 am, kiddush/lunch at noon).  Please RSVP below so we can plan to accommodate everybody.  The JWL is sponsoring this luncheon.

21 thoughts on “Cantor Kanarek visit: Services & Luncheon Feb. 28”

  1. Sherman Balto says:

    We both look forward to sharing the weekend with CSOA the weekend

  2. Jason Goldstein says:

    Goldstein–4 will attend the Saturday services and luncheon on Saturday February 28 (Jason, Clara, Isaac and Julian).

  3. Michelle says:

    Ash and I will be there!

  4. Aimee Siegler says:

    Sorry – I will be out of town.

  5. Maureen and Bob says:

    Looking forward.

  6. monica Lazere says:

    I look forward to being there

    Monica Lazere

  7. Ken and Jill Bernstein says:

    We will be there.

  8. Jane Vandervennet says:

    One for lunch

  9. Bonnie Brown says:

    Sorry I’m unable to attend.

  10. Engbers says:

    Steve and Kathryn plan to attend. Thank you!

  11. The Strausses says:

    Two of us will be there.

  12. Roger and Carol Ziff says:

    Roger and I will attend.

  13. Susan and Wayne says:

    We two will be there for lunch!

  14. Adrienne says:

    Definite maybe just for me

  15. Barb and Steve Nagel says:

    Barb Nagel will be there!

  16. Roberta Gelatt says:

    1 for lunch

  17. Busya Lugovier says:

    I will attend.

  18. The Stokke Reich Family says:

    Adam, Kristy, Eli and Silvy will be there.

  19. ViAnn Cabezal says:

    I will not be there on Friday, but will be at the Kiddush lunch.

  20. Jennifer Short says:

    RSVP for 4

  21. Lori Arndt says:

    3 for Kiddush

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