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Congregation Sons of Abraham

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“RG Friends” High Holiday Flowers for the Bimah… Your donations make them possible.

It is our honor and privilege to continue Roberta Gelatt’s tradition of soliciting contributions for High Holiday flowers. We thank our “veterans” who donate faithfully year after year, and welcome new member contributions for the floral arrangements which grace our Bimah on Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. Please sign up below. All contributions are welcome and will be acknowledged at Kol Nidre.

Thank you for beautifying our sanctuary and honoring Roberta’s memory.

Corine and Ed Neuman

PS While you’re on the CSOA website, please sign up for the Post Yom Kippur Break Fast on Wednesday, September 19 after sundown.


18 thoughts on ““RG Friends” High Holiday Flowers for the Bimah… Your donations make them possible.”

  1. Karol Smith says:

    I am more than happy to carry on this beautiful tradition.
    Karol Smith

  2. Seymour "Sy" Sohmer says:

    Enjoyed the service yesterday and meeting some folks I knew from my days in La Crosse. To catch up,we left La Crosse for the Bishop Museum in Hawaii in 1980. In 1990 I became the Senior Biodiversity Adviser for the Agency for International Development in Washington, D.C. From there I allowed myself to be recruited to an organization in Texas, the Botanical Research Institute, that I built into a world renown institution. From there I spent a bit of time at Capel Manor College in London and from there I spent a year directing the the Boyce Thompson Arboretum in Arizona before returning to the East Coast where we now spend half the year in our Town House in Old Town Alexandria and the the other half of the year in Nodine, Minnesota. We hope to contribute to the Congregations’ causes.

  3. Ann Brice and Bill Haviland says:

    We’re in. Thanks for continuing Roberta’s tradition, Corine and Ed.

  4. Jo Ellen Hartman says:

    The Hartmans are honored to contribute.

  5. Linda Levinson says:

    Sign me up.

    -Linda Levinson

  6. Keren and Simcha says:

    Prombaums are totally flower peeps

  7. Michelle Hockersmith says:

    Count us in. And thank you so much for honoring Roberta by continuing this tradition!

  8. Simcha Prombaum says:

    You can count on the Strauss Family. We are flower people. Thank you for this opportunity to honor Roberta’s memory.

  9. Simcha Prombaum says:

    Susan and Jerry Miller are flower people too. Thank you for this opportunity to honor Roberta’s memory.

  10. Robin Wind-Faillace says:

    We will contribute to honor Roberta’s memory.

  11. Angie & Jeff Lawrence says:

    We are honored to participate in paying for flowers for the High Holidays. Thank you Corine for your willingness to take on this task. Roberta was a leader within our Jewish Family and she will be deeply missed by all of us.

  12. Stacy Shapiro says:

    We would like to be a part of carrying on this wonderful tradition, as well…with such a lovely group of flower peeps.
    Stacy, Dan, Hunter and Sawyer

  13. Rebecca & Steven Bush says:

    You can count us as flower people again this year

  14. Alan Louis says:

    Count the Louis family in.

  15. Ben Wedro and Kelly Shannon says:

    Kelly and I are in for the umpteenth year

  16. Carol Pate says:

    Add me to the list as well.

  17. Susan Tarm says:

    Yes. Thank you for doing in Roberta’s memory, Corine and Ed.

  18. Lisa & Jeff Drexler says:

    We would be honored.

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