Today is November 23, 2020; the

Congregation Sons of Abraham

The heart of Jewish life in the La Crosse area for over 100 years

1820 Main Street, La Crosse, WI 54601
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DEADLINE PASSED: Scrip Card Sale! Order by June 15

It’s that time again!  Help CSOA earn money by buying scrip cards for Woodman’sFestival and/or Kwik Trip. It has been awhile, but we can once again sell scrip cards, but with slight modifications in the process. 

  1.  By no later than Monday, June 15th, email Roger Ziff  telling him how many $50 and $100 cards for each store you want (you can also get $200 and $500 cards for Kwik Trip).
  2.  Mail your payments for the cards to CSOA at 1820 Main Street (rather than giving Roger your checks when he delivers the cards).
  3. Delivery will be within 5-10 days, because our card suppliers have also changed their procedures.
  4. Roger will call you when he is in front of your house and put them down near your front door for you to pick up as you open your door; he will only drop them off if you are home.

Remember:  If Kwik Trip or Woodmans cards are held more than a year, they slowly start to lose value.  This happened to one of our members, who wants everyone to be aware of it.